Just Try and Stop Me!

Auction and Adventure

Tenth Week: Attend A Tasteful Affair Every year, for the past 22 years, community sponsors have hosted A Tasteful Affair, “an exciting evening of dining and entertainment to support the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill.” I’m...

Energy Drink Test Drive: Water Edition

This is the second segment of my multi-part investigation of non-Red-Bull energy drinks (you can read the first segment here). Certainly, I’d much rather being drinking a can of my favorite ostensibly-strawberry-flavored synapse...

To Fair Is Human

Ninth Week: Go to the North Carolina State Fair People are often shocked by the things I haven’t tried. This one actually resulted in my boss giving me homework. When I said I had never been to the State Fair, my boss Megan...

Energy Drink Test Drive: Green Tea Edition

I am an energy (and experience) junkie; there is nothing better than being “rarin’ to go” for as much of the day as possible. This is possibly why I’ve been told it’s simultaneously so fun and exhausting to be around me for...


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Spinal Destination

Eighth Week: Visit a Chiropractor. I don’t make it a habit to criticize my younger brother in public, but I will say his posture is atrocious. Not Igor-bad*, but definitely bad enough that, at family dinners, I actively place...

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In Need of Candybiotics

Normally I talk about how awesome it is to try something new, but today, I’m here with a cautionary tale about trying something old. This is the tale of the Jumanji Twizzlers. A quick refresher on what Jumanji is: The rhyming...

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The Unbearable Lightness of Boeing

Sixth Week: Sitting in the Cockpit of a B-17 Bomber There are, I admit, some perks to being in media. The first is I have near constant access to professional recording equipment for those times I feel like recording a rap. The...

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Mixed Massages

SECOND WEEK: After last week’s parkour adventure, I thought I’d go for the next logical thing I’ve never tried: a massage. Back again so soon? I’d actually heard about the benefits of massage from Colin...

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