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Just Try and Stop Me!

Just Try and Stop Me!


Auction and Adventure

Tenth Week: Attend A Tasteful Affair Every year, for the past 22 years, community sponsors have hosted A Tasteful Affair, “an exciting evening of dining and entertainment to support the Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill.” I’m...

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Spinal Destination

Eighth Week: Visit a Chiropractor. I don’t make it a habit to criticize my younger brother in public, but I will say his posture is atrocious. Not Igor-bad*, but definitely bad enough that, at family dinners, I actively place...

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In Need of Candybiotics

Normally I talk about how awesome it is to try something new, but today, I’m here with a cautionary tale about trying something old. This is the tale of the Jumanji Twizzlers. A quick refresher on what Jumanji is: The rhyming...

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The Unbearable Lightness of Boeing

Sixth Week: Sitting in the Cockpit of a B-17 Bomber There are, I admit, some perks to being in media. The first is I have near constant access to professional recording equipment for those times I feel like recording a rap. The...

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Mixed Massages

SECOND WEEK: After last week’s parkour adventure, I thought I’d go for the next logical thing I’ve never tried: a massage. Back again so soon? I’d actually heard about the benefits of massage from Colin...

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