Jumping the Shark: Tackling the Spartan Mud Race


We all make strange choices from time to time. Last night, I made the decision to stay up until 1 AM and sleep until 9 AM this morning because the night belongs to parents of young children. (Mr. Springsteen, who are these...

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I Can't Run

I can’t run.   Seriously. I know I’m a mess.   I know how these blogs are supposed to work. I’m supposed to document my every move, every up and down, with the expectation that it will all end on an up-cycle to...

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Bunion. I’ve been MIA for the last several weeks (months?), and I have only one word for y’all: Bunion. It’s an ugly ridiculous word, and I hate saying it out loud. In fact, I don’t say it out loud if I...

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Up and Over!

If you’re going to take your first ever fitness class, the Forest Theater in Chapel Hill is a splendid place to do it. Surrounded with rock walls and steps, pea gravel, and gorgeous gnarled trees, it’s the perfect arena to learn...

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My heart slides to the bottom of my churning stomach like a walrus traveling slowly but inevitably down a ridiculously long and terrifying water slide culminating in a pit of lava. Hitting ‘submit’ on this internet...

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Keeper of the Garden

All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster’s autobiography. Federico Fellini Some of us, precious few historically, but more perhaps in this modern age, dare to call ourselves artists, out loud. We’ll talk...

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NPR's Three-Minute Fiction Contest

I’ve been pounding the idea of tapping into your creativity lately because I think it’s incredibly important. We’re not singular in 2012, or the Chapelboro area, for living in a time of economic and political upheaval, but the...

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