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Dr. Tina Lepage

Dr. Tina Lepage


Teaching Children To Put Themselves To Bed: Infancy To Adolescence, The Battle Endures (Part II: Toddlers and the Crib to Bed Transition)

In Part I: Infancy, I shared the stress my husband and I experienced, as many parents do, with getting an infant to learn to self-soothe and fall asleep on her own. Which was as much about getting ourselves as the parents to self-soothe and allow her to learn that skill! Us parents… we get in our own way sometimes with all those love and concern emotions flooding us!

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Parenting Page: The Importance of Simplicity

The recent tragic death of a child about my daughter’s age has me thinking about day to day life – how we go through motions that seem mundane, yet should we lose the opportunity for the mundane we would deeply mourn those hum-drum days. Because those typical, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary days are actually filled with connection and love. Upon reflection, when our children grow up and move away, we can look back at seemingly uninteresting rituals of an average day and see how brimming they were with meaning.

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Parenting Page: The Underside Of Motherhood

A couple of weeks ago in staff meeting, one of the clinicians was sharing her weekly update and describing the current hellish evening routine as her young son tantrums and is overall unpleasant. Interspersed with her vivid descriptions of trying to hold a difficult child with one arm and cook dinner for the family with the other hand, she would pause to say, “Oh, but being a mother is great.” Then back to reality and another description of how awful it is right now, followed by the disclaimer, “I know this sounds horrible, and it is right now, but really, it’s not that bad, I love being a mom.”

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Parenting Page: Vacationing with Children

Each year we enter spring, the time for spring break vacation and for planning summer vacations. Finding a family vacation that works for everyone isn’t always easy. A child adds a whole new aspect to vacationing. Now you have people of vastly different ages – adults and children – trying to enjoy the same vacation. Our first vacation alone with Page (i.e., without Peter’s mother) was when Page was about a year and a half old. We went to the beach, and were soon staring at each other exhausted, saying, “How is this a vacation?” Awake at 6am after a previous of day of entertaining a child all day at the beach with all of the accompanying paraphernalia of beach toys, diaper bag, and snacks that come with a child, it seemed like work and not relaxation! Gone were the lazy beach days drinking various alcohol-infused drinks with umbrellas, and leisurely strolls along the shore.

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Parenting Page: Navigating Terrible Tween TV

Finding appropriate television shows for tweens to watch was a challenge for me. When Page was a child, she was allowed to watch the Disney channel, and all was well with the world. The shows geared toward the preschool to about 8 to 10-year-old crowd were great. Funny, interesting, and taught life lessons and skills such as math, geography, etc. in a fun way. When Page outgrew those, she started watching the Disney channel shows and other channels geared toward tweens and early teens. In my opinion, these shows were awful! Primarily because the kids were all mouthy. They had horrible attitudes and were just not nice. Very sassy, disrespectful, rude kids

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Parenting Page: Being Thankful

Recently I was at a business retreat where the question was raised about how we are teaching our children about money. I don’t think I have a good answer. As parents we all struggle with how to give children an appreciation for money. “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” my parents used to tell me. “You have to work for what you get in life.” “Waste not, want not.” “Be thankful.” We have an entire holiday focused on being thankful!

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Parenting Page: Navigating Name Calling

I don’t recall at what age Page and her friends started calling one another names, and even though name-calling was pretty rare among she and her friends, like many life lessons “no name calling” had to be taught and re-taught. I guess this shouldn’t be any surprise given that some adults regularly engage in calling one another unsavory names directly, and a good number of others do so behind the person’s back.

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Parenting Page: Getting Outed

Kids learn a lot of things at school and summer camps. Not necessarily the things you want them to learn. Oh, I don’t mean things they shouldn’t be doing kind of stuff… I mean, they learn information you may have been keeping from them…

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