Victor Lewis

Dr. Ashley Robertson, DVM: Hometown Hero

Dr. Ashley Robertson, DVM, is this week’s Hometown Hero. Dr. Robertson has spent a large portion of her time recently performing multiple surgeries for the ASPCA on the animals surrendered to the Hoke County Sheriff’s department. She has donated significant time and personal resources to the task, discounting bills to charge only enough to cover cost of supplies. Dr. Robertson has a history of admirably selfless behavior when it comes to the treatment and care of animals, having been the sole doctor at Meadowmont Animal Hospital in Chapel Hill and working closely with local animal rescues alongside being the...

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Adopt Onion: She has layers, and she’ll bring a tear to your eye

(photo by Katie Stember) Meet Onion! She’s a young Labrador Retriever mix who’s small but with a large personality. When she was first rescued, she was a little anxious and fearful, but since being in the care of Paws4Ever and some loving sponsors Onion has blossomed into a trusting and affectionate little pup. She is very communicative, making silly faces and small noises to get attention without barking for it. She loves tennis balls, even when they’re a bit too big for her. Especially when they’re too big for her.   (photo by Katie Stember)   Onion is very...

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Dorothy “Dottie” Bernholz: Hometown Hero

Dorothy Bernholz, photo courtesy of The Daily Tar Heel/Jason Wolonick Dorothy “Dottie” C. Bernholz certainly fits the bill of a “Hometown Hero.” Since her landmark case against the North Carolina State Bar arguing for the existence of Carolina Student Legal Services in 1976, Bernholz has been a pillar of the community and a figure that inspires the kind of respect and admiration that heroes are made of. As the legal definition of adulthood shifted in the mid-70’s from age 21 to 18, a sudden swell in Americans with the rights and responsibilities of adults defined college towns such as...

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