Dr. Tina Lepage

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

In my first Parenting Page column entitled The Long Short Hall I wrote, “Sometimes I know when my husband and I are being crazy, and we still can’t stop it, even when we discuss out loud how crazy we are.” … Then there are the times you don’t know you’re being crazy as a parent, that become very funny in retrospect once you have perspective on your own nuttiness.

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Parenting Imagination Versus Reality

This is a parenting page, about parenting Page. I am a child psychologist and a mother. So I specialize in children, yet I am human, thus I am full of knowledge and yet as full of emotions as any other parent. So I decided to write this Parenting Page since it might be informative and funny for others to take an insider look at a child specialist raising her child. I also wanted to create a way to show Page when she grows up, if she chooses to have children, a real-life view of the experience. I hope you...

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Being Where The Action Is

One evening while the three of us were enjoying dinner on the deck, Page said excitedly, “I can’t wait for middle school!” This was the year before she was going to enter middle school. We asked her why, to which she enthusiastically responded, “Because that’s where all the action is!!”

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