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Chapel Hill Residents, NAACP Members Stage Protest Against UPS

About 30 protesters stood and sat on Eubanks Road outside of the UPS Monday evening. They were hot, and they were tired but they continued to wave signs at and chant to passersby and cars. They’re protesting what they say is the mistreatment and discrimination against the employees of UPS. One of those protesters is Lucy Lewis. She’s a member of the Labor Committee of the Chapel-Hill Carrboro NAACP. She said UPS has created a hostile work environment for the elderly and for people of color. “This is not the kind of workplace we want in our local community,”...

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Town of Chapel Hill Hosting Meeting on Walking Ability in Ephesus-Fordham District

The Town of Chapel Hill has had plans to change the Ephesus-Fordham area since it became its own district in 2014. Much of the area has been under construction this summer, as plans to remedy traffic congestion have come to fruition. The Ephesus-Fordham district includes many of Chapel Hill’s older shopping centers: including the Eastgate Shopping Center, Village Plaza and Ram’s Plaza. Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger said in an in-studio interview with Aaron Keck Thursday that the areas are starting to look better, with less traffic confusion and congestion, but there is still some work to go. “The...

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Orange County Working on New System to Help Homeless

How many people in Orange County are homeless as of this year? And, what is being done for those who experience homelessness? These were only a few questions discussed at the Homelessness Orientation at the Seymour Center Tuesday evening. The orientation was led by Corey Root. She’s the Homeless Programs Coordinator for Orange County. She says the purpose of the orientation is to educate community members on what programs are available to combat homelessness, and which of those programs are changing. “There’s a staff that comes together that really tries to connect folks with resources, such that they’re not...

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Local Non-Profit Helps Renovate Chapel Hill Homes

Two houses sit on each end of Lindsay Street in Chapel Hill. They couldn’t be more different. 326 Lindsay Street is stark white with a bright purple porch, and 314 Lindsay Street has a forest green roof, and brick accents. But as of Tuesday, the two houses have something in common. They’ve been renovated by Rebuilding Together. Rebuilding Together of the Triangle (RTT), is a non-profit that works to renovate houses for residents who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. On Monday, the organization began a two-day building project on the two houses, to fix things that could pose...

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PTA Thrift Shop Breaks Ground on New Non-Profit Collaborative Venture

The PTA Thrift Shop is digging into a new collaboration project in hopes of uniting youth-serving organizations in the Triangle. PTA Thrift Shop held a groundbreaking Monday to announce the beginning of the Non-Profit Collaborative Venture, and how it will work. “We’ll be partnering with PTA Thrift Shop specifically on some of the work that we already do,” said Tabitha Blackwell. She’s the director of Youth Forward, an organization that will be partnering with PTATS. The Non-Profit Collaborative Venture, or NCV, aims to create an office space by its executive office on West Main Street in Carrboro for five to...

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UNC Student-Athletes Team Up with Habitat for Humanity for Efland Build

A group of UNC student-athletes traded their cleats for construction gear Saturday. Luke Ciocca is a junior at UNC. He’s also a soccer player. On Saturday, he added handy man to his résumé. “We’re mulching; we’re moving siding,” Ciocca said. “And I’ve come out and helped move cardboard as well as heavy lifting.” Ciocca was one of over 100 UNC student-athletes who participated in the first Day of Service on Saturday. It’s a partnership with the Orange County Habitat for Humanity. Athletes from at least five different teams worked side-by-side with Habitat workers to finish a group of houses...

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