Susan Kitchen

Long Way Home

After finishing up a great 3+ hour ride, I decided to travel the long way home on an unusually pleasant summer morning here in North Carolina. Just one mile from my home, coasting at 20 mph on a descent along a wide, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood road I noticed a white pickup truck pass me. Seconds later the truck made a hard right turn into a driveway, cutting me off, causing me to slam into the passenger’s side door. I remember thinking, “you are crashing into this truck – so try to fall gently” while plunging toward the sidewalk. After landing,...

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The Healthy, Balanced Athlete

Endurance athletes spend hours training, and there are benefits to being fit: a lower resting heart rate, lower blood pressure, better sleep quality, and a calmer mind. But sadly, the ability to eat whatever you want without impacting your performance and body composition isn’t one of these perks. Before you reach for the cookie jar, read on. Contrary to popular belief, during exercise, the body doesn’t burn only carbohydrates or only fat. Instead, your body uses both of these fuel sources. During lower-intensity activity, the body burns a higher percentage of fat. During higher-intensity activity, the body relies more...

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Time Crunched?

Time crunched? Eat, sleep and rejuvenate on the fly with these time-saving tips. Triathletes are busy, goal-driven people. Not only do we juggle training for three sports, many of us hold down full-time jobs while trying to spend time with our families, among other activities. What’s the secret to getting fitter, stronger and avoiding injury among all this activity? It lies in finding a balance between stress and rest. Physical training provides the necessary stress that allows for critical adaptive response, or fitness gains, to take place. But this adaptation can only occur in our rest phases—the time in...

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How to Outsmart a Craving

I’ve been a registered dietitian for 25 years, and I have yet to meet an athlete who doesn’t struggle with cravings. Unmanaged, cravings can throw a carefully designed nutrition regimen out of balance. Cravings tend to come later in the day, without warning, just when you’ve let your guard down, and can derail an athlete’s daily nutritional goals. One athlete I know describes cravings as a “black hole that sucks me in and I lose complete control of all willpower as I tear through my pantry. It’s demoralizing.” If you, too, battle the “black hole,” deciphering what your body...

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Overcoming Resistance

Are YOU READY…. to change jobs; start a big project; go back to school; overcome an unwholesome habit or addiction; embark on a spiritual advancement; commit to a big race; permanently adopt a healthy eating and exercise regimen; launch an entrepreneurial venture? In other words, any act that does not offer immediate gratification for long-term growth, health or integrity So what’s holding you back? It’s chatter in the form of fear, self-doubt, procrastination, addiction, distraction, timidity, ego, perfectionism, rational thinking, friends and family – yep – all of these forces are chatter. That chatter in your brain – is...

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