Lorenzo Mejia

The Caring Corner: What To Do After An Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with any illness is scary no matter what it is, but being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be worse because you will lose your memory. It is often shocking to deal with the the inevitable changes that will take place. Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease can be especially difficult because as the disease progresses, you will no longer be able to recognize family members, feed yourself, walk, or even button a button. There is no cure and your time becomes very precious. How do you prepare to yourself as the disease progresses? These are a few tips to help you play for your future.

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Art’s Angle: Tilting In The Breeze

It just seems like UNC is tired, worn out, sick of all we’ve been through the last few years. The alumni and fans still come (well, some of them) and they watch (well, some of them), but the pride that made Carolina special for more than 50 years has been so beaten down that you can’t see it, or feel it, much anymore. And I’m not talking just about Carolina Basketball, which put on another dismal show Wednesday night in the under-filled Smith Center against a more aggressive Iowa team, followed on the same TV station by Duke stunning...

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Art’s Angle: You Know Who You Are

For all the clarity the estimated $3 million Wainstein Report brought to the 20-year AFAM scandal at UNC, the result is compounded confusion over what happens from here. The University’s new administration pledged that an independent investigation would tell the whole story and allow Carolina to move ahead into the future. It indeed connected some dots that closed gaping holes, thanks mainly to the testimony of Debby Crowder and Julius Nyang’oro, but the 131-page, spiral-bound booklet raises many more questions that are still unanswered. No wonder there was a strong belief in some corners of the university to do...

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