Josiah Graham

Mystery Brewing Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Mystery Brewing provides a seasonal and constantly rotating selection of delicious and full-bodied brews. Mystery Brewing doesn’t add preservatives to their beer, it also doesn’t add artificial chemicals. What Mystery Brewing does, however, is offer a fresh product that will tantalize the taste buds and leave your gullet longing for more. “It feels like we just started this thing yesterday,” said Erik Myers, the CEO, founder, and head brewer at Mystery Brewing. “At the same time, it’s also really easy to look back and see the immense changes we have made in the past five years.” In 2012, Mystery...

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Business Update: Beer, Décor and More

This new month brings new changes and even more updates. Let’s check them out. La Residence La Residence, a well-received local restaurant located on 202 West Rosemary Street, continues to undergo repairs due to a fire that occurred on June 12 in 2016. Areas of the restaurant unaffected from the damage will also receive notable renovations. Plans to update the patio portion of the restaurant are underway and talk of updating the main signage of the establishment has been confirmed by John Gualtieri, the operations manager of La Residence. Might as Well Might as Well, a new local sports...

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Fair Game Brewing Company Welcomes New Neighbor at Apple Fest

From plough to pint, Pittsboro’s Fair Game Brewing Company is a craft distillery committed to local agriculture, fresh ingredients and hard work to make beautiful brews, liquor and fine wine. On January 28, Fair Game – located at 193 Lorax Lane in Pittsboro, NC – hosted its Apple Fest, a local celebration of North Carolina apple cider, wine and brandy. The event also marked the grand opening of Chatham Cider Works, a refreshingly new cider that’s bound to have its bottles in the homes of many happy customers. “Apple Fest was a great success,” said Chris Jude, the Head Distiller...

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The Generation Gap

  There’s a battle brewing between two powerful and uncompromising groups: The Baby Boomers and the Millennials. For the sake of our society, it needs to end. If you search online, you’ll find articles bashing both parties pretty aggressively. Boomers are blamed for destroying the housing market, environment and the financial futures of the next generation. Millennials are accused of being too emotional, entitled and foolhardy. Both factions are ambitious, at times lazy, and a little self-centered. They wouldn’t know this about each other, because they too often don’t connect. The easiest way of connecting with someone is through...

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Movies You Should Definitely See During Your Much-Deserved Winter Break

Struggling from the suffocating pressure to spend quality time with you relatives during winter break? Want an activity where you can still be present, but you don’t have to exert yourself with taxing communication? Watch one of these great films, or all of them.  Below you’ll find a list of movies that we would recommend to pass the time, they’re in no particular order of importance and are separated only by genre. Animation: Kubo and the Two Strings “If you must blink, do it now.” The line that opens Laika’s new film “Kubo and the Two Strings” is not...

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Tabletop Media Announces the 2017 Hottest Chefs of the Triangle Calendar

Tabletop Media Group & Taste Nutrition Consulting are pleased to announce the launch of their new calendar: Hottest Chefs of the Triangle. The 2017 edition aims to highlight the talented, skilled, and local chefs that make our culinary community so great! Crank Arm Brewing Company – at 319 W Davie Street, Raleigh, NC 27601–will be hosting the calendar launch party on January 9, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Who will represent Chapel Hill and Carrboro? According to Kristen Baughman, founder of Tabletop Media Group, Chef Teddy Diggs from  il Palio, and Chef Gabe Barker from Mercato, will be featured in the...

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