Jordan Rogers


Well, the NCAA selection committee got the matchup they wanted — not that they would ever admit it. The committee apparently spends as much time defending their picks as they do actually making them. Or, just enough to make Andy Katz laugh as they claim seedings are based on resume and not “matchups” like Carolina and Kansas. Regardless, UNC vs. Kansas will happen on Sunday (5:15 PM, CBS), even if both teams did what they could to prevent it. The Tar Heels spurted out to a 20 point lead on Friday, only to give it all back fast. And...

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ACCT 2013: This Matters.

Who would say this tournament doesn’t matter? Try finding someone in the Greensboro Coliseum on Saturday afternoon who would tell you this is all just a big “cocktail party.” Not only was Saturday’s content potentially Maryland’s last ACC game ever, but every member of this particular UNC team was fighting to win their first tournament—of any kind—ever. Put those two storylines together in a packed house still very much alive from an earlier match up which involved about eight future pros (Miami vs. NC State), and you had one of the most electric non-Tobacco Road ACC Tournament matchups in...

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The Cocktail Party

A Cocktail Party. A warm-up. A waste of time. None of these terms are new, and most fans have more than a few ideas why the ACC Tournament has lost much of its allure. Some blame the football-led expansion and watering down of the league since 2007. Some blame the watering down of college basketball in general in that same time. Others simply miss the days when it was almost always in Greensboro and Charlotte. Either way, the question is still always out there: Does the tournament matter? Fans often comment that no one really remembers who wins the Tourney, and...

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Time To Get Serious

Everything was set Wednesday night for a perfect “trap” game for the Tar Heels. Not only were they on the road against a sell-out crowd in one of the more boisterous (to put it nicely) arenas you’ll find, but it was Maryland’s Senior Night and last ACC home game — ever. Plus, no one could blame the Tar Heels for looking ahead to their own Senior Night against Duke on Saturday. But instead Roy’s Boys put on one of their most dominant performances of the season. Not because of the box score (they only won by 11), not because...

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The feature photo above of Reggie Bullock is from Thursday night’s UNC vs. Clemson match up. That isn’t terribly interesting, but might be noteworthy considering the photo below — taken over a month ago: The only difference between those two shots is the background. Bullock’s form, his elbow and hand placement, his visage — all identical. It’s hard to tell the photos apart. Even the look on his face is the same. Even his hair is the same. “Consistency” isn’t exactly the most coveted term in sports, but there’s a reason why the media talks about it so much,...

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