Jordan Rogers

The Pig & The Brisket Sandwich

This article was originally published in early 2013. Since then, Rogers has eaten several Brisket Sandwiches from The Pig, and therefore felt the article needed retouching. If you think it’s a bit silly to write an entire column about a brisket sandwich, then you obviously haven’t tried it — and Rogers suggests you remedy that immediately.   For his Brisket Sandwich, Owner Sam Suchoff starts with all-natural Beef from Cliff’s in Carrboro, then uses a natural dry-rub and slow cooks the meat in-house for over twelve hours. After the cooking is finished, Sam makes a point to keep the...

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Fresh Eats: The Pig

I was at The Pig on Weaver Dairy in Chapel Hill talking with the owner, Sam Suchoff, when we got on a tangent about the best way to bread fried chicken. I started with how my mother had schooled me with a classic dry-wet-dry technique, with a few well-timed moves regarding the oil temperature. He eventually described how his was a hybrid that involved using half of one common variation with the reverse of another. Honestly, it didn’t sound possible (and probably isn’t) but that wasn’t really the point. I was just looking for an interesting story and fantastic-tasting...

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The Real Issue with Apple and the iPhone 5

Conspicuously absent from the discussion over the pros and cons of the new iPhone 5 is a more troubling issue with Apple’s decision to go with their new “Lightning” charger. There has been plenty of noise made over the fact that the switch renders many Apple customers’ old accessories useless, but the problem with the Mac manufacturer’s decision is more serious than just a few iFans having to shell out $30 dollars for an adapter. And even If you’ve never picked up a Smartphone, this matters, and it signifies a disturbing trend as civilization plows ahead into the 21st...

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