Jessica Hannan Sultan

Don’t Be Suckers for Sugar

It really stinks to realize you’ve been duped. Well, here’s the bad news, we’re all a bunch of suckers for sugar. The New York Times brought this issue to light recently with their article How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat. The sugar industry, like the tobacco industry, long knew the dismal health results of their products and worked very hard to deflect blame. As a certified weight management specialist, I see my clients struggle (and succeed!) as they attempt to resist the call of the carb. It gets much easier if you reset your taste buds. Avoiding temptation becomes...

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Do you have spaghetti belly?

Don’t know what a spaghetti belly is? It’s a way to instantly tone your abdomen. People are sweating and crunching and planking their bellies into submission, when there is an easy fix that lends healthier results. And it starts with a bowl of spaghetti. Think about your pelvis as a spaghetti bowl. Drop the spaghetti on your toes, spill it over your heels, or tip it down the side of one leg, and it doesn’t create a pretty picture. Now imagine that spaghetti bowl on a table. It’s a level surface. And that’s what we need to do with...

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Why You Want a Bagel Body

The simple rule to stay in shape – falling in love with movement – is taking a delicious pivot today. It’s time to think bagels! Yep….Bagel, cream cheese, bagel. Think that’s going to ruin your figure? Wrong, it’s going to make you look svelte and move elegantly. Here’s the visualization I am getting at. Think of your rib cage and pelvis as bagel halves. Your midsection is the cream cheese. Keeping the top bagel balanced over the bottom bagel will immediately improve your alignment and slim the waist. Here’s the problem: We simply aren’t aware of the full circumference of our bodies. Most...

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Soothe Your Shoulders and Rev Up Your Abs on Your Commute

Did you start to fall in love with movement (even just a little) after reading my last blog? Here’s another great tip to help you use everyday movement be fit and healthy – without upending your life. Did you know that you can use your commute to soothe your shoulders and rev up your abs? Instead of hunching over the wheel or leaning back low rider style, shift into an upright position. Now, roll the shoulders back and down until they are in the 12 o’clock position. Let your shoulders stay relaxed while you reach your arms to the wheel. You’ll not only...

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Simple Rule to Keep You Fit and Healthy

Are you like most people? Do you make a resolution to get in shape in January and then spend the rest of the year shifting between punishing yourself with stressful workouts or berating yourself for not doing enough of them? So frustrating! I went from being a self-loathing adolescent sloth to being someone who “doesn’t have to worry” about weight. You can do it, too. There is a very simple formula. In fact, there is just one rule. 1. Fall in love with movement Here’s a starting point: Find a chair. Sit in it. Wait, wait, not this one!...

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