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Carrboro’s Open Streets: Encouraging Family and Fun

On Sunday, Weaver Street was closed in order to make it open. Confused? Don’t be. For the last five years, Carrboro Recreation and Parks has closed off portions of Weaver Street to cars so that community members could enjoy local vendors, demonstrations and activities. “I think the way the event is geared towards [being] healthy, being active, being outside, that’s what sets it apart from other events,” said recreation supervisor Galen Poythress. “The energy of the event is really just about … participating and actually engaging with other people.” While many of the vendors and demonstrations were geared toward...

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North Carolina LGBTQ Elected Officials Discuss HB2 Vs. House Bill 142

When UNC’s LGBTQ Representation and Rights Research Initiative first invited a panel of LGBT elected officials to speak on campus, House Bill 2 was still fully enacted. But, by the time the April 7 event – which was held at UNC’s FedEx Global Center – rolled around, the situation surrounding House Bill 2 had become a lot more nuanced. HB2 was repealed and replaced by House Bill 142, which dictated that no local non-discrimination ordinances regarding public accommodations could be passed until 2020. “I voted against the repeal bill,” said House Representative Deborah Butler, who was appointed to her...

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Library Will Offer More Online Resources to Students

Beginning this spring, Orange County public school students will have unlimited access to online public library resources, according to a Friday press release. By using Student Easy Access, or SEA, accounts, students will be able to check out items without a parent present and access online resources that would typically require a subscription. Some of those online resources include, a personalized tutoring resource, and OverDrive, a popular audiobook database. These SEA accounts are a response to the White House ConnectED Library Challenge, which encourages libraries to make their resources more accessible to students. Parents will be able to...

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LGBTQ People Still Targeted, According to Study

A new report analyzing 20 years’ worth of data shows that LGBTQ people remain at a higher risk for victimization than their non-LGBTQ peers. The 56-page report, which focused on the frequency and variety of violent acts committed against LGBTQ people, examined research from dozens of studies in order to find larger trends that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. Tasseli McKay, one of the researchers on the report, said in an interview with WCHL that, even though she specializes in victimization research, she was still surprised by some of the report’s findings. “One example is, in terms of this...

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A Day Without Women Means No Classes in Chapel Hill – Carrboro

Chapel Hill – Carrboro City Schools are closed on Wednesday – a day being nationally recognized as the “Day Without Women.” This event was created to highlight the vital role of women in workforce and, although the school system has made clear that is does not support the political nature of the protest, it has said that it supports its female employees. Jeff Nash – the executive director of community relations for Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools – said he first began to hear from female employees several weeks ago. “We began hearing from some employees that they had intended...

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Forum Helps Immigrants Know Their Rights

  In light of recent changes to federal immigration policy, lots of immigrants are living in fear. That’s why El Centro Hispano – a Triangle-area Latino advocacy group – decided to organize a series of events dedicated to answering questions and addressing concerns from the immigrant community. For Jenny Doyle, a speaker at the event and an immigration lawyer for the last five years, she said her job has changed since President Trump took office. “Unfortunately we’re having to look a little more closely so that we adequately represent any of our clients who may find themselves in removal...

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Our Three Winners Food Drive Brings Town Together

The third annual Interfaith Canned Food Drive is underway. The first one was put together just one month after the murders of Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha, to honor the “three winners” legacy of public service. Now, with the help of businesses from across the Triangle, organizers are hoping to collect more food than ever before. Shadi Sadi is the outreach coordinator for Project Lighthouse, a nonprofit created in honor of Deah, Yusor and Razan. He said that he’s had to store mountains of cans in his living room because of the many organizations that have donated to...

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UNC School of Nursing Welcomes New Dean

A new dean of the UNC School of Nursing took over last Thursday. Among the many things she hopes to accomplish – reducing the shortage of nurses in the state. After more than 13 years serving as a dean at the University of Miami, Nilda Peragallo Montano has joined UNC as its new dean of the School of Nursing. It’s an opportunity that she says she’s excited to take on. “It’s a different environment, but very welcoming,” the new dean said in an interview just before Thursday’s ceremony. “There’s a lot of things to do and to move forward...

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Hansbrough Brother Tours For New Book

There’s a Hansbrough in town. No, not that one. Greg Hansbrough, the eldest of the three Hansbrough brothers, is touring Triangle bookstores to advertise his new autobiography, “Enduring Strength: The Story of the Other Hansbrough Brother.” Greg, who is a triathlete and ultra-marathon runner, was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was seven years old. “The doctors said I’d never be able to walk normally again. Running would be a dream goal for me,” Greg said. “Riding a bike would be impossible.” In spite of that, Greg went on to become the captain of his cross-country team in...

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UNC Dental School Gives Kids a Smile

Just before 10 AM last Friday, several large commercial buses pulled up in front of the UNC Dental School. It was the moment that Give Kids a Smile co-chair Natalie Dunlop had been waiting for – the kids had arrived. “I think for three-year-olds, and for lots of kids, going to the dentist is just really scary,” Dunlop said. “People don’t like to come see us. So the earlier we can sort of remove that stigma of the dentist being scary I think is only going to help these kids in the long-run.” Dunlop and her peers did everything...

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