Gregory Woloszczuk

Small Business, Big Lessons: Fun and/or Profit

As a friend of mine told me years ago, “everything looks easy when you’re at a picnic on a Sunday.” Sometimes the same thing can be said about small business. Many people that never owned a small business are envious, thinking that a small business owner must be rich – comparatively speaking – and hardly ever needs to work. They must have so much time off while their employees hold down the fort and handle the day-to-day, right? In a word, no. In this forum, I hope to share real life insights and tips on small business ownership. Sometimes...

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Small Business, Big Lessons: What Happened to My Favorite Dickey’s Barbecue Pit location?

Do I have your attention? For legal reasons, I can’t give any details about what exactly happened just yet, but read on to see lessons learned along the way. I’ll try not to bait and switch you moving forward – but no promises! It was very sad to see what we built up over 10 years, winning numerous awards along the way, and come crumbing down in under 10 months after being taken over by new ownership. The three Triangle locations our company owned and operated supported countless special occasions, family dinners, and more. I will do my best...

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