Donald Buckingham

Top 5 Giant Monster Movies

With Kong: Skull Island stomping around theaters, many a filmgoer, myself included, is itching for some more giant monster action. Whether they use rubber suits and miniature cities or state of the art CGI, here are five movies guaranteed to scratch that skyscraper-sized itch. 5. Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) Imagine a giant turtle. Now give that turtle tusks, let it walk on its hind legs, and give it the ability to fly by shooting fire out of its shell like a jet. That awesome image in your head is Gamera, a Japanese monster created in 1965 for...

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The Top 5 Movies to Watch Over Spring Break

  Spring break is upon us, that magical time of year filled with vacations, world-ending parties, and college-aged debauchery. Or, if you’re like me, filled with watching movies, sleeping, watching more movies, and occasionally eating. If you find yourself to be more on my end of the spring break-spectrum, here are five movies you can watch to give you all that spring break fun with none of those spring break hangovers.   Nightmare Beach (1989) Also known as “Welcome to Spring Break”, this 1980’s slasher film has it all: scantily clad young people, overlong beach parties, and the ghost...

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