Dakota Moyer

Adopt-A-Pet: Cat Benatar

Today’s Adopt-A-Pet is Cat Benatar. She is a lovely and energetic female with dark fur and piercing yellow eyes. She was named by the shelter staff and appears to be a domestic short hair cat. She is an energetic female, but loved cuddling up with WCHL’s Ron Stutts following her visit to the station this morning. How’d you like to adopt Cat Benatar? She’s today’s cat on WCHL’s weekly #AdoptAPet and she’s available at @countyoforange.nc Animal Services! 1 & 1/2 years old and looking for a home. 😸 😻 😽 😼 😹 #adoptme #imsoft #imcute #loveme #pets #petsofinstagram #patbenatarpun...

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2018 Healthiest You Challenge, presented by UNC Health Care, begins soon!

The hardest part about a New Year’s resolution is sticking to a commitment. For many people, adopting a healthier lifestyle and exercising on a regular basis is not a change that can occur overnight. Luckily, UNC Health Care has the solution, partnering with 97.9 The Hill to form the annual Healthiest You Challenge. For eight weeks, 64 contestants will work in teams to become the healthiest people they can be, all while enjoying the amenities of the beautiful UNC Wellness Centers at Meadowmont and Northwest Cary. During the challenge, participants will: Get an eight-week membership to use the UNC Wellness...

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