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Adopt-A-Pet: Ginger Rogers

Meet Ginger! She’s a two year old female Plott Hound, and North Carolina’s State Dog has never looked better or been friendlier. An immediate sweetheart who enjoys contact with humans, Ginger is alert, intelligent, and stronger than she looks. Always excited for belly rubs and walks, Ginger also enjoys car rides and active play outdoors. Plott hounds are known for their loyalty and courage, and Ginger certainly isn’t a skittish dog. Upon meeting you, she’s not shy about walking over and saying “hello” personally. She’s known to live up to her namesake by being quite the “singer,” but we didn’t...

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Hometown Hero: Jackie Carden

This week’s Hometown Hero is an experienced officer with the Chapel Hill Police Department, a captain who has extensive experience in public safety disciplines, and a lifelong Tar Heel and UNC alumnus. Jackie Carden has served the Chapel Hill community actively since 1990, working both behind the scenes and in the field. “Jackie is one of those valued employees who never saw an assignment she wouldn’t take on and excel in,” said Chief Chris Blue. “She retired recently after 26 years with the Town of Chapel Hill, having served in a whole host of roles. That’s the kind of...

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Yelp is Offering Free Fitness Classes Across the Triangle!

Are you looking to get a jump start on those healthy New Year’s resolutions? Then look no further as Yelp’s Fit Club 2017 is taking over January 17th – February 17th and they’re spreading the love throughout the Triangle area. So whether you’re just looking to get more toned, feel a little less guilty for taking second servings, or just want to try out a new fitness class they have an event for that. Raleigh 1/18, PBX Pilates, Barre, Xtreme 1/19, Barre Up! 2/7, CycleBar Brier Creek Durham 1/16, ONE Fitness Training 1/21, Prime Athletic Training & Fitness Institute...

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The Commentators: Pray for Roy Cooper

Commentary by Sharon Hill When it comes to North Carolina politics, let’s continue to consider our glass as half-full rather than half-empty. What’s needed now is to pray for our new Governor, Roy Cooper. What a thrill when he won the gubernatorial election. What a relief when his opponent finally decided to concede. Sure, there have been some scary actions since – then and probably more to come – but if we continue to focus on the positives, we will prevail. Pray for Roy Cooper. He needs to know that we have his back. Pray for Roy Cooper. Through him, North Carolina can have its dignity restored. Pray for Roy Cooper. As you have probably seen on a very popular bumper sticker “y’all means everyone,” and we can hope that our mid-term election can cause some laws to be turned around. The holidays are over. I choose to stay positive. Pray for Roy Cooper.  Again, with our support, he will...

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The Commentators: A Plea For The Cold Snap

Commentary by Stephen Lair By tomorrow this time the snow will be fallin’ Traffic will be crawlin’ and if there’s ice come Monday, the schools will be stallin’ But maybe the thing that should be most appalin’ Is the number of elderly neighbors on whom no one is callin’ When temps start to drop down, to freezing they dip, Makes it dangerous for seniors to get out. They might trip, slip, break a hip. So I’m here to ask y’all (and I ‘ll try not to belabor) But would you pretty please with a cherry go next door and...

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Stories from the Town of Chapel Hill Economic Development

Meet Dina Rousset, program manager from Launch Chapel Hill, a startup accelerator located on West Rosemary street in Carrboro. Dina envisions Launch as the central hub for entrepreneurs in the local ecosystem. She believes that deep connections in the community create an incomparable network of resources. Find out more about Launch Chapel Hill at .   Listen to Dina Rousset’s full interview on WCHL here....

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Hometown Hero – Maggie West

This week’s Hometown Hero is Maggie West, a UNC alumnus and engaged member of the community. West co-founded the Community Empowerment Fund in 2009 while she was a student at UNC as a sustainable way to help the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in Orange and Durham County. “We work with people who are either homeless or at risk of being homeless in Orange and Durham Counties,” said West. “[CEF] provides relationship-based support to help make sure that each member gets the support they need to gain employment, secure housing and build savings.” CEF is comprised...

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LIGHTUP Festival – Lanterns in the Year of the Rooster

On January 28, the Year of the Rooster begins. The Chinese zodiac assigns animal signs based on a 12-year cycle, and our last year of the Rooster was in 2005. Marked by Hurricane Katrina, the Kyoto Protocol, and the creation of YouTube, it’s almost a sure bet that this Rooster cycle will be comparably eventful to the last one. In order to properly celebrate and ring in this new year, the inaugural LIGHTUP Lantern Festival is coming to Chapel Hill. A community project celebrating diversity in the Chapel Hill community while supporting arts and education, LIGHTUP is the embodiment...

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Hometown Hero: Cresha Cianciolo

This week’s Hometown Hero is Cresha Cianciolo, a frequent volunteer and organizer for many programs instilling positive change in our community.   As a founding volunteer for annual fundraiser “Opening Doors,” benefitting the Community Home Trust, Cianciolo has helped raise the capital to help push for local affordable housing. She has also volunteered with the Friends of the Chapel Hill Public Library as a member of the board of directors.   Cianciolo is a partner with Music and Memory at Carol Woods, a program that seeks to help bring sufferers of dementia peace and connection through matching music that...

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