2. Chapel Hill Creamery – Portia McKnight [Click to Listen]

“When we have people come visit the farm they see what we’re doing and they become not only consumers and purchasers of our cheese, often they become advocates for our company because they see our cows, they see our environment, they can taste all of our cheeses, they can see how the sustainability of the farm all fits together.” – Portia McKnight, Chapel Hill Creamery Save the date for the 2018 Piedmont Farm Tour April 28 & 29.

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The Music in My Head: 1/8/18 – 1/12/18

1/8/18: Brick “Dazz” Now, I’ve never been a big disco fan, but every once in a while I’ll run across a song that catches my attention. One of those is a delightful combination of disco and jazz that I woke up with pounding away in my brain this morning! Read more     1/9/18: The Tubes “She’s A Beauty”  The Tubes were a rock band out of San Francisco, and they were a big-time group back in the early days of MTV. Fitting, that it was the Tubes that were big on the tube. I woke up with one of their...

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