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Ariana Mangum

Need Gardening Help? Call The County!

Did you know there are resources and programs throughout the county that will assist you if your property has issues? Staff from the soil and water conservation department will come and evaluate the property, give suggestions of what to plant and encourage a good design to assist the homeowner in choices that will be low in maintenance while resolving the issue. I met one of the agents at a nursery, and he gave me information to encourage me to communicate with the department to see if I would qualify for the help. When the agent came to my house,...

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The Sustainable Garden

Is your garden sustainable? Would you derive pleasure from hearing bird songs and the sound of frogs, enjoying butterflies, and spending hours enjoying the beautiful seasonal flowering perennials and bulbs? More and more home gardeners are turning their attention to the conservation of resources, and have found  that the use of native and naturalized plants changes their garden environment to a working ecosystem. They have enjoyed seeing the many habitats created by using sustainable garden methods, and spend more time enjoying the garden, since the work hours are greatly reduced. Home gardeners will find the sustainable gardens easy to...

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Small Space, Big Garden

Are you a gardener living with a small outdoor space? Today many people live in apartments, town houses or condominiums and would still like a garden. Container gardens have become a popular solution for some, and raised beds a solution for others. Here is one gardener’s solution to her space constraints: I was hired to design a patio garden. Raised beds were neatly placed under the cover of a pergola, and the homeowner wanted small gardens planted in each one. Each bed was different, yet a combination of perennials was chosen, which included fragrant roses, Japanese irises, peonies, camellias,...

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Bringing A Garden Back To Life

I was given the opportunity to design and plant an iris garden. The customer was surprised when I had to dig through three feet of mulch before reaching any dirt. I made the decision to remove the mulch and amend the entire garden using a recipe of topsoil, peat moss, compost and lime. The mystery behind years of no blossoms on the crepe myrtle tree and the roses that graced the garden area was answered: the plants were trying to thrive in mulch. The new garden, with rich garden soil selected to give the plants needed nourishment, was in...

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In An English Cottage Garden

Have you enjoyed strolling in an English cottage garden, with its many paths that lead to amazing spaces with layers of plants, hidden nooks and scenic seating areas amongst trees, shrubs, bulbs, and an abundance of flowers nestled in eye-catching designs? I received the call in March to come and clean a downtown garden; the voice sounded English. She explained that it was a cottage garden, and as she was a gardener, I would be her hands. I was eager to see her garden and meet her. When I arrived, I was greeted with tea and morning tea cake....

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A Gift In A Garden

Have you noticed that it is easy to come up with ideas for others, but when it comes to ideas for yourself it is sometimes more difficult? No matter how many magazines or books you look through or gardens you see, there is often a block as to how to proceed with your own. This was my dilemma in deciding how to design my own garden. I knew what I liked, but was unable to decide on what I wanted. When I received the call to come and see a garden as a prospect to tend and care for,...

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The Scented Garden

Have you spent time in a scented garden? Enjoyed its fragrant perfume yielded by trees, shrubs, flowers, and bulbs? Have you sat and listened to the chorus of songbirds, or wondered why there were so many pollinators and desirable wildlife? A fragrant garden is a host to many visitors who want to enjoy the many pleasures it offers. Scented gardens have been enjoyed throughout history, and have been popular for many years and throughout many parts of the world. The hanging gardens of Babylon were thought to have been a scented garden. These gardens are usually designed with their...

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The Beauty Of Moss Gardening

Did you know that moss can be used to create a garden? Do you have a moist, shady area where it is difficult to garden or grow a lawn? Moss may be the perfect solution. Many have found moss gardens have a peaceful tranquility that is sublime. Some moss gardens incorporate rocks, paths, water features, and companion plants to draw birds, butterflies and desirable wildlife. Moss gardening is eco-friendly, sustainable and can be low maintenance. It’s the perfect solution for the person who enjoys beauty and nature with little effort. Today, moss gardens are receiving a re-birth. Their history...

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